Editorial Guidelines

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A journey with many choices, but a sole purpose: to bring our contributors and readers together.


ALMANAQUE is a magazine with opinion pieces, essays, interviews and other stories that give preference to content that cover art, design, lifestyle, fashion, beauty in its assorted shapes, complemented by visual components that rise to the occasion.


ALMANAQUE is a magazine that also focuses in Portuguese and international subjects, that explores trends and deconstructs them, that follows unique ideas in order to expand them through different voices and outlooks.


ALMANAQUE meets the needs of its authors and readers for a platform with clear ambitions of reaching new levels, both in Portugal and other countries.


ALMANAQUE gathers authors who write, photograph, paint, illustrate, describe, dream, who are able to wonder through distinct topics that fulfils them, allowing for a platform of artistic and creative freedom.


ALMANAQUE is a magazine that wants to be attractive at various levels and original in its core, summoning, therefore, a personal, intimate, profound approach that can be read, observed and shared.


ALMANAQUE is an independent magazine, governed, however, by the professional ethics that define it and the respect for all human manifestations.


ALMANAQUE and all of its contributors believe in the main documents that govern the journalistic activity: the Code of Ethics, Journalist Statute and Press Law, among others.