Marta Lobo


Marta Lobo

Stylist, daydreamer, girl-about-town

Words: Soraia Martins Art Direction: Gonçalo Páscoa
Photography: Maria Rita Beauty: Sara Marques de Oliveira

Marta Lobo

A journey through Marta Lobo’s style, her story and how she got to wear her heart on her sleeve.

In our minds, there is never much to say about a person’s style until we start dissecting each layer and creating a framework for every fashion choice ever made.

With Marta Lobo, this comes as naturally as sipping tea or brushing your teeth. It is part of her daily life,
even if she doesn’t even know it.

After almost taking on Fashion Design in college, Marta decided to stay in Lisbon for love — I mean, isn’t this what life’s all about? — and started looking for some learning possibilities within the fashion world, but she quickly realised she wanted nothing to do with it from a design standpoint, and just went with her gut, which was speaking to her through magazines and the editorial world. The first door she knocked on was Vogue Portugal’s, where Paulo Macedo took her under his wing, minus the special treatment part. She began assisting him on fashion shoots and used her practical, resourceful ways to do whatever she had to do, and it worked.

A couple of years forward, and Marta was looking for something else, this time at fashion showrooms, like Showpress, but she ended up at Companhia das Soluções, a brand communication & PR company based in Lisbon, managing their showroom for two years.

“I didn’t know anything, but the best part was getting to know people from different, interesting realms. That was definitely my favourite aspect of it”. As she was paving her way through that multifarious universe, her personal sense of fashion was seen as something of a breath of fresh air.

Her lengthy, blonde hair dropping to her back was one of her signature traits — ultimately getting chopped off to allow for a gorgeous 70s-inspired hairstyle to appear that fits her like a glove — and t-shirts were the main queens winning her heart in every instagram pic she let us in on.

"My eyes go straight
to patterns, that’s
for sure."

“My parents are super dandy, you know. And I got hooked on Fashion TV and couldn’t let myself watch anything else; fashion magazines, though, were my ultimate pet peeve, and still are, and my platonic admiration for them just wound up making me want to explore that magical world”.

But there isn’t a time she can pinpoint to when she started feeling fascinated by clothes and style in general. “I was fierce in high school, much fiercer than I am now, I think. And I worshipped Sienna Miller and tried to include some of her outfits into my daily get-ups”.

Her style icons of today are spread throughout instagram, her endless, 24/7 inspiration source where she can find dozens of stylish folks who are doing something different, something remarkable, something unlike what she’s doing, and that excites her to try new things.

“My platonic admiration
for fashion magazines
wound up making me want
to explore that magical world.”

As we immerse ourselves in her lovely home, our eyes wander through all kinds of objects, each personal item telling a story, and a rather enthralling one, I must say. Marta’s life is nothing short of fun, bubbly, full of high spirits — or at least that’s how we see it as we explore further into her background and her story.

Light comes in through a medium-size window overlooking a park; her dog, Cash — a lovely creature which unfortunately already left this Earth — wants to make himself feel heard, so he’s meandering around us, smelling us, asking for some petting time, making it worth our while.

"I didn’t know anything, but the best part was getting to know people from different, interesting realms. That was definitely my favourite aspect of it."

That morning, in-between outfits chosen by herself from her own wardrobe, everything’s around Marta and that feeling of freedom and openness, as if she were saying we were allowed to step in into her world and live it like she’s living it. No restrictions. Mixing patterns and bold colours like no one has ever done it before.

“My eyes go straight to patterns, that’s for sure. There was even a time I had to refrain myself, because it was getting out of hand. I had to learn how to edit — I’m still learning”. On that day, she was into unique socks, fun accessories to show off on every outfit you can think of.

She says there are phases, just like fashion has its segments multiple times a year, and that was her phase, then. Her personality, though, is probably her most prized possession, her laugh a gem to be hold and never let go of. Her effervescent, bohemian-like style strikes up the perfect combination between her attitude and her ensemble selections. There’s really no one like her, and we’re loving it.

“I’ve got a shirt from my aunt back when she was in her 20s. It’s a gorgeous shirt made up of pretty high-quality fabric, it still looks great, so I mean… There’s really nothing you can say against garments that last a whole lifetime.
Or many lifetimes.”

Some days she’s dressing other people, other days she’s doing what she does best: just being herself amidst a sea of people trying to do the same thing.

Watch a compelling insider’s look into Marta’s style

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